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Freezy The Snowman

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Players: 2-6

Duration: 60 minutes

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About Freezy The Snowman

Every year Freezy The Snowman looks forward to Christmas and waits patiently for the children to create him. This year he has waited and waited and noone has come to piece him together. The children think they are too old for building snowmen now and Christmas is at risk! Do you still have the magic of Christmas in you and can you help to build Freezy before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve?

Minimum age for this experience is 7 years. All children under the age of 16 years need to have an adult in the party who remains with them at all times.

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"I've done quite a few online escape rooms (both with and without live avatars) and Modern Detective has been one of my favourites. It's really easy to navigate and you can each control where you look in the room, rather than one person sharing a screen and everybody else telling them what to do. The puzzles are really varied and if you get stuck (which we did, a few times!), there are helpful hints. It took us an embarrassingly long time to escape (at least 2 & 1/2 hours) but it meant that £20 turned into an entire evening's entertainment. And while it took us ages to complete, there was never a time when where we were faced with a impossible to solve task; some rooms I've done has had puzzles so frustratingly complicated, that even with clues you still can't work them out. These puzzles were challenging but always enjoyable. At the time of writing this, the company only has two online games (we'll be doing the other one soon!), but I really hope they turn their other non-online escape rooms into online ones."

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