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Santa’s Lost His Marbles

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Players: 1-6

Duration: 60 minutes

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About Santa’s Lost His Marbles

Santa’s naughtiest elf, Trixie Sugar Socks, has been very naughty this year and just before Christmas she has taken Santa’s marbles. She’s hidden them around your living room while you were sleeping and he’s not very happy! He’s lost his marbles and doesn’t know where he has put his magic dust, which makes his sled fly! He won’t be delivering this year without it. You need to find Santa’s marbles and get his magic dust. When you find it, you will have to hold it up and recite a magic Christmas rhyme to get it back to Santa on time!

He needs it within 60 minutes or Christmas is cancelled!

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"This was one of the best escape rooms I've done - great puzzles, a fun theme and a very sensible clue system. We'll definitely be coming back to try the other rooms!"

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