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Online Games

Online escape games are a way for you to enjoy your free time with family, friends or for a team building session with your colleagues without all being in the same place. You can play from the comfort of your own sofa, with everyone alongside you, or you can set up a video call in separate houses/workplaces and play along together. For the more competitive, go head to head with your own purchase of the game and race to see who finishes first.

Our games are taken from our physical rooms but are 100% digitalised so you can play them at your leisure.  There is no game host telling you that time is running out or clock ticking putting on that added pressure unless you want to time yourselves of course.  You book your game for any of the time slots showing (this is just for our booking system and not when you actually have to play the game) and will then receive an email immediately with the link for your game which you can begin at anytime.  You have 72 hours to complete the game once you have started and can play in more than one session if you prefer.

The games are fully playable by the whole team (just share the game link you receive via email after purchase) and we recommend a maximum of 6 players as they are a digitalised version of our physical games and therefore have the same limit for everyone’s enjoyment. You can of course have more connections but this will dilute the puzzles so we recommend for numbers above 6 players that you purchase more games and race head to head for more fun. No need to ask one person to move around checking things out, you can all move around and see each other’s cursors making their way around the room so you know what everyone is up to. Spin the dials on the padlocks, move around the room opening drawers and cupboards and discovering hidden items as though you were really there.

Please note that we advice playing our games on a desktop or laptop as there may be issues with using tablets and phones.

Casino Heist Online Game

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