About Lakes Escapes - Cumbria's Premier LIVE Escape Rooms

About Us

About Us

Lakes Escapes Ltd is Cumbria’s Premier LIVE escape room based in Workington. We welcome groups of between 2 to 8 people whose aim it is to complete the game objective with 60 minutes. We have different themed rooms to suit a wide range of people so whether you come along with family, friends or work colleagues you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

The concept is simple: we put you in a room and you have one hour to escape. However, you can only succeed by solving a series of puzzles and codes hidden throughout the room. Your group will require a good level of common sense, logic and a keen eye to complete the task in time. Do not take anything for granted in the room and remember to work as a team and most importantly have fun.

During the experience our game masters will guide you if you get stuck. You are able to request clues whenever you feel you need them and at no point are you locked in the room. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!

"So as escape room enthusiasts we have done many escape rooms! This has got to be one of if not our favourite escape room place yet. First off the owners/staff are energetic, happy, helpful, friendly and approachable. The rooms are exciting and have everything you look for in an escape room. You can see the sheer effort that has went into the decoration atmosphere and of course the puzzles. Each room has its own story and theme and the decoration and props highlight this. I could go on and on but overall it is really worth a visit for enthusiasts or newbies to escape rooms!"