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Are you looking for a corporate team building activity that is different to the usual track race days, zip wires and go karting? Then look no further than Lakes Escapes for a fun team building game that has grown increasingly popular. We are the first physical rooms in West Cumbria and the first non hosted online game based on a physical room in the UK. We are ready and waiting to give your employees an experience that will not only have them working together but enjoying themselves at the same time.

Company team building is not always a concept that people greet with a huge amount of enthusiasm. All too often the idea will prompt a roll of the eyes, possibly as your staff recall awkward times spent carrying out contrived and ‘fun’ activities at work in the past.

However, any team building session is only as good as the activity it involves. That’s why at Lakes Escapes we believe we have one of the best and most enjoyable environments for your team members to spend valuable time together taking on tasks which will benefit them and your business.

What is team building?

But before we get onto why Lakes Escapes is a great location for your next company away day, let’s think about exactly what team building activities are meant to achieve.

If you’re going to invest in something you want it to benefit your business. In the case of team building, you are investing in your colleagues spending time together learning to work more effectively towards a common goal.

A natural by-product of this process is that you will get to know each other better and develop bonds. This can encourage people to communicate ideas to each other and work together more effectively, as well as driving the desire to please their colleagues and do their best for the greater good of everyone. By fostering these attitudes in one context, you’re more likely to see them becoming apparent when people are taking on the daily challenges thrown up in the workplace.

Why is Lakes Escapes a great place to get your team working together?

At Lakes Escapes we have a series of deviously devised challenges for teams to crack, each designed to test your intelligence and skill levels to the max. There is something to keep everyone engaged, but you must work together to succeed. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun. We see groups of family and friends collaborating and enjoying themselves in our escape rooms every day, leaving with a sense of satisfaction and a smile on their face. Could you imagine a better outcome for a corporate team building exercise?

Five reasons why Lakes Escapes is great for your team and your business

1. You’ll have a good time

It might be unrealistic to wish for work to be fun all the time. But that doesn’t mean fun can’t benefit the workplace. For team building to work people need to be engaged and enjoying themselves. This will mean they are more likely to break down barriers and loosen up and get to know each other. Plus, if something is fun people are more likely to want to get involved, perhaps encouraging formerly shy characters to take a bigger part.

And, even if we put all of the other benefits to one side, the prospect of a fun team building day at Lakes Escapes will give people something to look forward to and help boost morale when it actually takes place.

2. You have to work together

Trying to crack our escape rooms is tough. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know how to set a challenge that will keep you guessing, full of ingenious plot twists and confounding surprises. This means you’ll need all the help you can get and working together as a team is a must. People will discover what they have in common and be encouraged to put aside any differences in pursuit of a common goal. However, while teamwork is key it’s not uncommon to see some people emerging as natural leaders … and not always the ones you might think.

3. It takes all types

Lakes Escapes is filled with both mental and skilled-based challenges, testing many different aspects of people’s problem solving abilities. This creates opportunities for your team’s varying strengths and skills to come into their element, meaning everyone can get something from the process.

4. Everyone likes winning

A bit of healthy, positive competition between colleagues can only be a good thing. At Lakes Escapes teammates will compete with each other to try and solve puzzles first and you might even want to pit different departments or groups against each other to really raise the stakes.

5. It gets you out of the office

Taking part in team building in the boardroom or breakout area is OK, but it still feels quite a lot like being at work. One thing Lakes Escapes is not like is being in the office unless, of course, your office has pirates, monsters and casinos in it. This completely different context will help your team relax and bring out different behaviour and characteristics.


Online Escape Games

Our online experiences operate in the following manner:

  • Organisation of teams between 2-6 people and any number of games can be played at once so no limits on players.
  • The teams are able to play the same game at the same time or choose a different theme.
  • Teams have 72 hours to complete the game objective and can play in multiple sessions if required.
  • All players have full control of their own movements and actions whilst others are able to see mouse pointers and know what their team mates are doing.

Although a video call isn’t required to play our online games you are able to set up one separate to the game so players can communicate verbally throughout their experience if this is something you desire.

During the escape game, colleagues will have to use their mental abilities and observational skills collectively as they attempt to withstand the intensity and pressure as time ticks away!

Book your team building day at Lakes Escapes

Contacting us to discuss your requirements and preferences before booking will allow us to help organise the structure of your day to ensure that your team gets the best from our team building activities. For groups over 28 we can arrange multiple sessions across the day.

So let’s take your group away from their day-to-day environment and create long lasting memories that will benefit the cohesion of your team!

View our corporate video here

"I've done quite a few online escape rooms (both with and without live avatars) and Modern Detective has been one of my favourites. It's really easy to navigate and you can each control where you look in the room, rather than one person sharing a screen and everybody else telling them what to do. The puzzles are really varied and if you get stuck (which we did, a few times!), there are helpful hints. It took us an embarrassingly long time to escape (at least 2 & 1/2 hours) but it meant that £20 turned into an entire evening's entertainment. And while it took us ages to complete, there was never a time when where we were faced with a impossible to solve task; some rooms I've done has had puzzles so frustratingly complicated, that even with clues you still can't work them out. These puzzles were challenging but always enjoyable. At the time of writing this, the company only has two online games (we'll be doing the other one soon!), but I really hope they turn their other non-online escape rooms into online ones."